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Fashion Tips and Advice on Wearing jewellery's in Occasion

Tips On What Diamond Jewellery To Wear For Different Occasions

Jewelry not only enhances our wardrobe, but it allows us to make a statement to the world of how we would like people to perceive us. Not only that, but wearing jewelry is fun. It makes us feel good about ourselves. For those times when you just dont know which jewelry to wear or to buy, here are few ways to help you decide.

What Jewelry Should You Wear?

If you can't decide what jewelry to wear, then you can let the occasion be your guide.

Work or Job Interview

Wearing jewelry at a job interview is optional. If you do wear jewelry, make sure you wear what is appropriate. For example, if you want to make a good impression for a job interview at a bank, then you should be conservative in your dress and selection of jewelry.
At work, wear something that is appropriate for your position.

In The Evenings

Dinner parties can be exciting when you get to show off your sparkling jewelry. Youll get people noticing and perhaps break the ice with people whom youve just met. Of course, you should let them make the compliments first, or you might appear to be obnoxious.

Holiday Themes

For festive times, you can wear holiday themed jewelry, such as Christmas or even Halloween. They have the colors, shapes and objects normally associated with the holiday. You shouldn't wear these after the holiday they are about or people might wonder about you.

Getting Married

On your wedding, you would probably want to wear bridal jewelry. The wedding band and the wedding ring are partly the responsibility of the groom. However, these days the bride is also involved in the shopping decision. So, if the budget allows it, a one carat diamond ring would be very flattering on you.

Going Back In Time

Wearing antique jewelry could be a way of changing the mood. You might have a piece that is rare and valuable. Antique jewelry is distinctive and wearing it might make you feel that you're living in a previous time.

Celebrity Speak:

Traditional Jewelleries are Kiritika Kamra's best buy and trendy as it never goes out of fashion.

“I am very Bohemian during the day….lots of colors. The trick is you cannot do too much with jewellery all the time. If I am wearing a sari, I will carry a statement bracelet and change my watch. I usually do not wear earrings during the day….so maybe I’ll carry earrings.”

- Kiritika Kamra